April 2015 – Treasure Hunting News and Events

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Metal Detecting NewsIt’s been a while since I have done any blogging on news in the world of Metal Detecting and so it’s high time I got back on the horse and delivered an update (I’ll be sure to update more regularly in the future).

This month there were a few interesting articles that grabbed my attention. The first is about a guy who discovered some rings in mud flats whilst treasure hunting on Burnham beach, nothing too exciting, but it does go to show that mud can also be worthwhile searching.

The next bit of news isn’t great to be honest, the local Barnard Castle Town Council has had residents complain that metal detectorist have been digging up land near the Barnard Castle throughout the night. People are leaving holes in the ground and it is becoming a safety concern. It’s this type of behavior that gives us all a bad name, and hopefully those doing this can be caught and punished.

The most interesting treasure discovery this month was made by Druze Salute divers, who have found gold coins on the Caesarea seabed.The coins were found by a group of divers in February and they reported what they had found to the local diving club. They immediately recognized the value and engaged the Antiquities Authority. The gold coins numbered at 2580 and weighed 6Kg. Not a bad find.

The final bit of news is also around sunken treasure and the bloke who made off with a whole heap of it. Turn out he has been found and charged after being on the run for the last few years.

Did you read anything interesting this month. If so, please share it below so we can all have a read.

Cheers 🙂

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