Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector Review

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Get ready to fall in love with the Garrett AT Pro, it is one hell of a great metal detector, and for many people it is all the detector that they will ever need. It ranks 1st place in our best metal detector intermediate range.

Garrett AT Pro Appearance

The appearance of the AT Pro isn’t anything out of the ordinary, but you likely aren’t buying it for the aesthetics. It is primarily black in color and comes as standard with a really nice double D coil.

Garrett AT Pro Metal DetectorBuyNow

The panel screen is clean and simple to understand, even if it is a little on the small side. The buttons are easily accessible and there is no ambiguity when it comes to exactly what settings you are using at any point in time.

The only negative that it has is that the screen is not LED-backlit, which means that the screen can be difficult to read when it is in full sun, or if you decide to do some treasure hunting after dark.

Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector Display


Dimensions & Warranty

  • Length (Adjustable) – 42″ to 51″ (1.06m – 1.29m)
  • Weight – 3.03 lbs. (1.4 kg)
  • Warranty – 2 Year, Limited Parts/Labor


Ratings and Price

The stock standard Garrett AT Pro can be bought for around $600, which to be honest, is a steal considering how good it is.

This includes:

  • 8.5″ DD search coil
  • Headphones (not waterproof)

When it comes to ratings, I like to look at Amazon ratings to determine what everyone else thinks of a metal detector to give a fair comparison to my own thoughts and opinions. I find that people on Amazon generally give some really insightful comments/feedback and they tend to rate detectors fairly accurately.

Garrett AT Pro Amazon Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars

Top Features

As with all Garrett metal detectors, there are a bunch of great built in features that will assist you when doing your detecting.

  • Pro Mode Audio: This allows the user to hear characteristics of a target the same as if they were in a true all metal mode.
  • High-Resolution Iron Discrimination: The user is able to set iron discrimination in one of 40 levels.
  • Digital Target ID: 0 to 99 Target ID scale offers increased ability to distinguish one target’s conductivity from another.
  • Iron Audio: Allows the user to hear discriminated iron and to alter the detector’s mid-tone signal’s range.
  • Fast Recovery Speed: Allows the user a greater ability to pick out good targets and filter out trash.
  • All Terrain Versatility: Weatherproof housing designed for dusty, humid or wet environments; Including underwater to a maximum 10-foot depth.
  • 15 kHz frequency: This allows for improved detection of small targets, gold nuggets and jewelry.
  • Ground Balance: Has both Automatic and Manual modes.
  • Graphic Target Analyzer: This enables the user to identify the target’s conductivity.
  • Continuous Coin Depth Indicator: See the target depth.
  • Battery Condition Indicator: Shows the battery life.


What will the Garrett AT Pro find?

The AT Pro is the ultimate generalist metal detector. It will find anything from gold nuggets, gold filings, silver, coins, relics – you name it, the AT Pro can find it. I personally use the Garrett AT Pro for all my metal detecting needs for the last couple of years and I haven’t been disappointed, it has paid for itself many times over with some of the finds that I have made.

Obviously there are better metal detectors on the market today, but I feel that none are as competitive as this one when considering the price. The only metal detector that I am interested in more than the AT Pro is the Garrett ATX, however at over 4 times the price, it just isn’t worth the extra money for most hobbyist treasure hunters.


Videos of the Garrett AT Pro

I found this video to be a little more worthwhile viewing than the official videos distributed by Garrett, so if you have time I recommend looking at this one.

Garrett are normally great at producing detailed videos of their metal detectors, however with the AT Pro I actually found it a little disappointing as they didn’t go into some of the detail that they normally do. Regardless, the following two videos combined go for a little over 19 minutes, but if you are serious about buying one (and why wouldn’t you be!) then it is worth watching the whole thing before spending your money.

Part 1 of the Official Garrett AT Pro video review

Part 2 of the Official Garrett AT Pro video review


My Final Verdict

In my opinion I think that the Garrett AT Pro metal detector is the best metal detector that you can buy in this price range. It competes VERY WELL with considerably more expensive metal detectors like some of the Minelab ones, and with the double D coil you just can’t go too far wrong – it really is a great metal detector in a very affordable price range.

Probably the only reason I would suggest that anyone upgrade from the AT Pro would be if you are looking to hunt something specific, like say gold nuggets or coins at depth. Don’t get me wrong, the AT Pro can find gold – I have found heaps of it myself using one, but there are detectors out there that are better at it. My opinion is that if you want to specifically hunt gold then checkout the Garrett ATX (around $2,500) and the Minelab GPX 5000 (around $5,000). Both of those machines are a lot more expensive than the AT Pro, but they are also a fair bit better at finding gold. If you are interested in finding a bit of everything and you don’t have thousands to spend – go with the AT Pro, it really is a bit of a beast.

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