How To Find Gold Nuggets When Treasure Hunting

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Finding a big gold nugget is the dream of almost every single person who owns a metal detector. I know that most beginners who talk to me about metal detecting and treasure hunting are primarily interested in striking it rich by hitting that elusive gold nugget.


Unfortunately the reality of nugget hunting is quite a bit different, with the majority of people never finding gold, and those that do, often only finding very small amounts of gold.

Don’t get me wrong – it does happen, but you need to set yourself up with the best chance of finding gold if you want to hit a nugget. The following are some of my best tips for finding gold nuggets (please feel free to make a comment in the comments section below if you have more tips to add).


1 – Use a Gold Finding Metal Detector

The single biggest determining factor to how likely you are to find gold is the tools that you are using to find it. Don’t assume that all metal detectors will detect all metals. Metal detectors are normally built to be good at certain things, for example – the Garrett AT Gold is purpose built to help you find gold, where as it’s close cousin the Garrett AT Pro will also find gold, it is positioned as more of an all round metal detector and doesn’t do as well when nugget hunting.

Check out my post on the best metal detectors for finding gold.


2 – Search in an area known for Gold

If you really want to increase your chances of finding gold, your best bet is to head to a location where gold has been found before. The idea being that where there is 1 there is more. Sometimes you can strike it lucky and find a patch where gold hasn’t ever been found before, but more often than not you are going to be best off around known gold fields.


If you are worried about all the gold being gone, don’t be. There are still plenty of people finding decent sized nuggets in well prospected gold fields, you just have to have the right detector, with the right settings at the right spot.


3 – Be careful with your Iron Discrimination Settings

Iron discrimination is a great feature in modern metal detectors, but it can also interfere with your prospecting. In my experience gold is often found with other metals, which means that if you have your iron discrimination up too high, you may run the risk of passing over that nugget. Mind you, setting the discrimination settings too weak, and you will end up digging up a lot of junk – it’s a fine balance.


4 – Try searching for Gold in Rivers and Streams

Something I’ve discovered over the years is to be prepared to get wet when treasure hunting. Some of the best gold finds I have made have been in streams and rivers. It’s not by coincidence either, you see gold is quite heavy, and it can get washed downstream and get stuck in twists and turns of streams and rivers, which means if you go hunting in these locations, you are increasing the odds that you will find some gold.


5 – Have plenty of patience

The last thing on my list is probably the thing you are going to need the most of, and that’s patience. Most people start off looking for gold with their metal detectors, but in reality the vast majority of people will either find nothing, or very little when it comes to gold. Don’t worry though, many people really enjoy coin shooting or relic hunting with their metal detectors – so there is still plenty to find.


So if you are determined to go looking for gold, remember what I have written here, and please feel free to share your own tips in the comments section below – I would love to hear from you.

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