July 2014 – Treasure Hunting News and Events

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Metal Detecting NewsAre you ready to hear about all the interesting metal detecting things that I read about over the last month? If not, too bad, i’m writing about it anyway :p

In no particular order – the first story I want to draw your attention to is about 2 brothers who recently discovered 2 charms that are apparently gold and that may date back to the 1800s. The find happened in Coin Beach Delaware and was the first gold find for one of the brothers – congrats guys!

The next bit of news that I read regarding treasure hunting is about a man who was metal detecting in Summerhouse, Darlington. He ended up discovering a pretty big haul of silverware that was buried about 1m below the surface. Police are looking for the owners of the mystery silverware, which they suspect was buried 30 years ago.

I love this next one, as the guy I spoke about recently has been featured again, although this time he has found a bronze ring dating to 200AD – that’s pretty old! He is keeping the location of all his finds a secret, but he is offering his services to others who may need the help of someone with a metal detector.

Lastly I have a piece of news regarding a Sanford family who have managed to find gold again whilst on holidays. Apparently last year they found a gold chain that was more than 60 feet long. This time whilst they were on holidays (in the same location) they have found another gold artifact that appears to be of religious significance. It weighs in at 1 ounce of gold and dates to the 1600s. The gold was found just a few feet into the water.

So that’s it. Did you read anything interesting this month? If so, please share it in the comments section below for us all to read.


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