June 2014 – Treasure Hunting News and Events

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I’Metal Detecting Newsm a little bit late with this treasure hunting news update, so let me get things underway without any further ado.

There were quite a few interesting stories that I read this last month, with the most interesting being this story about a mystery coin being found in Jersey. According to the BBC – the 70,000 coins were found by two metal detectorists back in 2012 and no others like them have been seen, the experts claim that they are Celtic coins.

The next story that I really liked was about a woman who lost her gold pendant in the ocean at Daytona Beach, Florida. The woman decided to post an ad on Craigslist and then bought herself a metal detector to attempt to find the lost pendant. One of the locals who is an avid treasure hunter decided to help and and before too long they had found the gold pendant. Full story here.

Another corker that I read about was about a guy who lost his wedding ring 5 years ago. According to the story he was playing footy and left the ring in his jacket. At some point it much have fallen out and it was gone for good. Well, that is, until he went and bought himself a metal detector and asked the owner of the football ground if he could go hunting for his lost ring. Within 30 minutes he had found his old wedding ring – what a great story!

Last one, and actually this one was on the 1st of July, but seeing as I am so late with this post i’m going to include it anyway. It is the story of a window cleaner from Tiverton who discovered a golden coin that had been buried in a river for close to 1500 years! Obviously this is his best find to date and he is keen to find more hidden artifacts in the area.


If you read any great metal detecting news over the last month, or had a massive find of your own, please share it in the comments below.

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