May 2014 – Treasure Hunting News and Events

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Metal Detecting NewsI want to have a monthly round up of all the best and most interesting Metal Detecting and Treasure Hunting news that I have read about from around the web. I normally don’t read all that many articles in regards to metal detecting, however this month there were quite a few that I found interesting.

The first article I want to share with you is about a treasure hunter that has found a solid gold necklace. Apparently it was from the bronze age and it is worth an estimated 20,000 pounds! To make things even more interesting, the guy apparently found it by accident. The story goes that he had spent most of the morning treasure hunting without any luck (that happens to me all the time!) and he decided to take a break. Whilst sitting on the seat he noticed that his detector was making all sorts of noise and so he decided to take a look, what he found was the solid gold necklace. Amazing, i wish I had a story like that to tell! You can read more here.

This next piece of news was about some treasure hunters that were looking for the Fenn Treasure in the Yellowstone National Park. They got busted by the authorities for treasure hunting without a permit and will have to face a magistrate shortly. I must admit, the idea of finding that treasure is interesting to me, but it is like looking for a needle in a haystack. The area where it could be is massive and there are no guarantees that it actually exists. You can read more here.

The third piece I want to share is about a guy on his first ever treasure hunting expedition and how he found an unexploded bomb! Talk about an interesting first day on the job. Fortunately around where I live there aren’t any of these types of ordinance waiting to be found, and in this case the poor guy had to wait around for quite a few hours while the authorities turned up and then proceeded to explode the bomb. Still, he is not likely to forget that experience in a hurry. You can read more here.

The last thing I want to share is some sad news out of Paraguay where 3 men are presumed to be dead after they were buried alive whilst looking for treasure. Apparently they were in a cave deep underground when it collapsed on top of them. Due to the size of the collapse, the liklihood of survival of the men and the remoteness of the location, there will be no rescue effort. You can read more here.

So that is all I have for the month of May. June is already upon us and i am sure there will be plenty more interesting treasure hunting stories to share with everyone later this month.

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