The Best Places to go Treasure Hunting

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If you have been treasure hunting for any decent amount of time, you will start to get a good idea on where you like to hunt for treasure and the items that you will generally find. The following is a list of the top places that I go treasure hunting and what I have found in the past.

Old Fairgrounds / Showgrounds

If you are big on coin shooting then you need to work out where all the old showgrounds area. There are all kinds of goodies that get trampled into the ground that are waiting for you to find them.



I personally really like hunting on beaches as I get to have a swim whenever I feel like it and I find plenty of jewelry. Most of the time it is rings of little worth, but occasionally you will find a big one.

The other thing that I find a lot of at the beach is coins, although I find a lot more coins on the sand than in the water.


Lakes and Rivers

When it comes to hunting gold I have had the most success in lakes and rivers, particularly rivers at the base of mountains or large hills. I’m not sure why that is, but it has happened enough times for me to be sure.


Ghost Towns

I don’t have a lot of experience when it comes to hunting in ghost towns, but a friend of mine finds all types of interesting items. He has shown me old guns, bullets, a bell, spurs, spoons, keys – lots of horse shoes. It really is a mixed bag, occasionally you will find a really old coin worth some money, but not as often as the other things I noted.


Camp Grounds

Whenever we go camping I make sure to bring my AT Pro with me. Camp grounds are great for all types of interesting finds. The most interesting thing I have found at a camp site was a solid silver medallion. I have no idea how it got there, but it looks like it is worth a bit of money.



Playgrounds are the ultimate place to find forks, spoons and small change. If any of that interests you, then get to your local playground.


Historically important locations like battlegrounds

I would love to be able to tell you about the time I went hunting in Italy or Greece and found a priceless piece of history, but unfortunately I can’t, because I have never been. If you are into relic hunting, then work out where these historical locations are, and get hunting. Please remember to be careful though, as some of this stuff is priceless and it should be excavated with great care.


Sporting grounds

The last place I will talk about is sporting grounds. I find that sporting grounds are great for coins, particularly common ones.


If you have any great treasure hunting locations, please let me know in the comments.

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